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Beer Festivals


One of Munich annual highlights is the Oktoberfest. This is a 16-day festival, that is the worlds largest fair. On average six million people attending every year it is a festival that should not be missed!

During the festival there will be 13 enormous beer tents, horse drawn carriages, folk music and dancing and a large funfair filled with rides and rollercoaster’s not to forget plenty of food. The traditional food of Germany will served in the festival which would include chicken, roast pork, knuckle of pork, grilled fish on a stick and much much more! Not to forget there will be many marquees hosted by Munich breweries.

On the first Saturday when the Oktoberfest officially opens, all the brewers and publicans do a annual procession march, through the town centre, they bring with them decked carts and brewers' drays, drawn by teams of hefty dray horses. This is a true authentic experience as no motorised vehicles are used within the procession.