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Germany is filled with world famous architecture, history, culture and innovation. From the Berlin wall in the north to the Munich with its Alpine terrain in the south. Germany is the perfect combination for holiday makers that wants it all.

Each city is filled with its on individual charm and atmosphere filled with exciting adventure at every turn.


Berlin, the capital is the third most visited city in the European Union and home to the remains of the historic Berlin wall.


Home to the magnificent Cologne cathedral, Cologne is just bursting with architecture and history.


Visit Dresden where you can see the wondrous sites of the River Elbe and  whole host of factual museums including State Museum of Prehistory and a fantastic Transport Museum.


Düsseldorf, famed for not only being the hub of international business and an important financial centre, but also renowned for its fashion and trade fairs.


Frankfurt is the place to visit to see the fascinating Kaiserdom, a gothic cathedral that has witnessed the coronation of ten emperors


Hamburg is home to one of many magnificent sites which include Hamburg harbor which has been described as the "Gateway to the World".  


Known as an area of beauty Hanover is filled with lush gardens and areas of stunning greenery.


Another brilliant city that Germany has to offer is Leipzig which is recognized as one of the most dynamic cities in Europe.


Munich is home to the world-famous Oktoberfest, the world's biggest beer festival where you are able to sample the best beer in the whole world.


In Stuttgart expect a fantastic city by the day and it has a even better nightlife with the SI-CENTRE offering many things to do.


A beautiful romantic old town, Nuremberg is filled with stunning castles and home to one of the most famous Christmas markets in the world.